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Somegreybloke "Graham Murkett" began in June 2007, and was the invention of Mike Booth as a YouTube experiment. The original idea was that the character - a perpetually morose internet addict with no time to get dressed - would respond to videos made by other people on YouTube, and to emails he had received.

After a few weeks the character start posting video blogs of his own. A few months later, his v-logs became popular. People found the character funny. He started talking about other people in his life, and quite organically a little world has begun to grow around him.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Dane Geld

Dane Geld is the kind of kid that almost every street in the UK must have at least one of. A complete little shit with loads of attitude, who preys on the vulnerable, ie: Graham Murkett who would prefer to hand over 30 quid than have Dane tell his dad that he is a baby bandit.

Click on the image of Dane to watch the very funny "trick or treat"

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